about actss 2018

Welcome to Advanced Cell Therapy Shanghai Summit! 

The first edition of ACTSS in 2017 was a huge success and the market approval of KYMRIAH® and YESCARTA® gave the industry a lot to discuss. Over the last 12 months, CAR-T has become an increasingly exciting field to work in and we have witnessed new technology, clinical development and regulatory advances globally. Billion dollar deals were closed on CAR-T assets and millions have been invested in start-ups focused on advanced therapy development.

This year we will explore developments in global regulations in cell and gene therapy, discuss critical insights into cGMP manufacturing best practices and explore next generation technologies and their potential to shape the autologous CAR-T landscape in the next 3-5 years.

Together we will take another step towards driving sustainable success in advanced therapies!


Topics of ACTSS 2018

Next generation advanced therapies

Switchable and transient CAR-T

Global supply chains for advanced therapies

Manufacturing best practices





Automated bioprocessing and bioanalytics

Risk evaluation and management

Regulatory guidance

Global partnering strategies